Fisker karma car

Fisker Karma is a luxurious electric car that has a range-extending feature. this car was made by Fisker Automotive in 2012 and made at Valmet Automotive in Finland.

Fisker Karma
Fisker Karma

Fisker karma review

Fisker Karma is a luxury car that offers a unique driving experience with its range-extending electric powertrain. The car’s striking design, with a low, aerodynamic profile and aggressive stance, turns heads on the road. Inside, the Karma boasts high-end materials and a futuristic dashboard with a large touchscreen display.

In terms of performance, the Karma delivers brisk acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride thanks to its electric powertrain. The range-extending gas engine kicks in when the battery runs low, allowing for extended driving without the need to stop and recharge.

However, it is worth noting that Karma was first produced in 2012, and its range and performance may need to be updated compared to current standards.

The Karma’s handling and braking are top-notch, with precise steering and confident braking that instills driver confidence. The suspension is tuned for a sporty feel yet still provides a comfortable ride.

Fisker Karma is a car for eco-conscious buyers looking for a unique luxury sports sedan with a strong emphasis on design and performance. However, it’s important to note that Fisker Automotive went bankrupt and is no longer in production, so finding a used one may be challenging.

fisker karma price

Fisker karma car price starts from 93,900 includs destination charge.Here’s a detailed article about karma cars Price.


In conclusion, the Fisker Karma is a luxury car that is not only luxurious but also has many features that are not found in other luxury cars. The Karma is perfect for those who want to travel and have a luxurious lifestyle. Learn also about Karma Revero GT.



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